Sectarianism and the Assad regime in Syria

This article was first published in Arabic in the magazine “Thawra Dai’ma” : The link to the article in arabic : The Syrian revolutionary process is still ongoing and has taken now both a peaceful and armed nature to confront the violent repression of the regime. The popular movement in Syria, despite its messages, statements … Continue reading

تونس: ماذا بعد اغتيال الشهيد شكري بلعيد؟

  نشر في‫:‬السبت, شباط 9, 2013 –  الشهيد شكري بلعيد|بعدسة أمين غرابي الكاتب/ة: جوزف ضاهر ترجمه‫/‬ته الى العربية‫:‬ وليد ضو       المصدر‫:‬ cafe thawra revolution   ‫اغتيال المناضل اليساري التونسي شكري بلعيد في ٦ شباط سبب سخطا كبيرا ودفع بالملايين من الشعب إلى النزول إلى شوارع البلاد. بعد تقديم موجز للشهيد شكري بلعيد، سيظهر هذا المقال كيف أن … Continue reading

Trade union struggles in the Middle East and North Africa

article published in : and translated in English from this article in French published in December 2012: Since the outbreak of the revolutionary in January 2011 and even before that, trade unionists, like workers throughout the region, played an important role in the struggles and the fall of the dictators. Remember that it was the … Continue reading