Land of the Free: Taking A Leaf Out of Liberian Women’s Book

The documentary Pray the Devil Back to Hell by Abigail Disney is narrated by Leymah Gobwee The latest development in Lebanon have put a never ending stream of questions into my head, the loudest one being What Can We Do? What can we do as women, as feminists and human beings against the escalation of … Continue reading

Move Over! We Don’t Need Your Feminism Now!

 Amidst the tension and clashes recently happening in Lebanon, I got to thinking about a million and one things, like, why do I feel so helpless? What is it that I can do? What is it that I’m willing to do? A thought crossed my mind, among the chaos of these never ending questionings: now … Continue reading

On Stitching Beirut Back Together or Another 13th of April Story

This week end was the commemoration of the start of the Lebanese civil war that lasted from 1975 to 1990. I’d refer you to a history book to get all the details of how it started, what happened, how alliances were made and broken, except that us Lebanese may have cooked the biggest Hummus ever, … Continue reading

Lebanon, a Land of Men (and of a few Courageous Women)

<!–[if !mso]>st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } <![endif]–> I am a Lebanese woman married to a Swiss man. My children will never be Lebanese, nor will my husband, because I am considered as a second class citizen in my own country, which doesn’t seem to deem it necessary to grant me the same citizenship rights as everyone else (also … Continue reading

Blog Action Day 2011: On the Right to Food, Hunger and Poverty

The right to food is a Human Right: it might be good to be reminded of that fact as we watch around 6 million children die per year as a result of starvation and related diseasesi. The right to food sends us back to the very rights to live, and to live in dignity. It … Continue reading

On why we as Lebanese women should support the anti sectarian demonstrations

Picture:Matthew Cassel A conversation I’ve had many times over, and one of the biggest criticism of feminists I’ve heard, was that we were focusing way too much on women only, while forgetting, willingly or not, to replace them in a context of economics and broader struggle for social justice and egalitarian system, in a word, … Continue reading

Women in Revolutions : Paving the Future

We have seen their pictures, we have seen them shout and demand and support and lead the popular movements that have arisen throughout the Middle East : middle eastern women have utterly and truly proven that they were a force of the revolution. Though they have endorsed many roles within the group of demonstrators, it is … Continue reading

Blog Action Day: Water in the Middle East, a Human Rights Issue

The idea that we’re taking water away from someone else is simply preposterous  Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev Today is Blog Action Day, a day when bloggers around the world unite and write about one topic that has been globally chosen. This year’s theme is access to (clean) water, which in many countries across the … Continue reading

Syria: Results of the Tenth Five-Year Plan

This article is clearly in the continuation of my two last posts concerning the situation in Syria and especially concerning the social and economic perspectives of the country. Syria is, as you all know by now, at a crossroad in terms of socio economic policy and the Tenth Five-Year Plan launched in 2005 is now … Continue reading

When I was 20…

… I dreamt of becoming a music composer. An air stewardess. I wanted to travel the world. Become a doctor, or a journalist, or maybe a fiction writer. When I was 20, I had dreams, and hopes and visions for myself. And then I got married. Those are not words I read in a badly … Continue reading